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Presenting FilePad, the flat-file database for Newton Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). FilePad allows you to manage information on the go and transfer data to and from your personal computer.

A filing cabinet button represents each database you create. Like a filing cabinet, FilePad stores a variety of files. Unlike the average office filing cabinet, FilePad fits in the palm of your hand. Vital information goes wherever you do.

FilePad provides the tools you need to create even complex databases. For example, you can build separate databases to track sales contacts, travel expenses, and inventory levels.

Since FilePad is portable, you can easily update your cabinets anytime, anywhere. All cabinet entries can then be printed and faxed.

FilePad helps you with your cabinet system in the following ways:

Building Cabinet Templates

With FilePad, you can create numberous layouts for cabinet management. For example, FilePad lets you add text fields, borders, radio buttons, checkboxes, paragraph fields, picture fields, and poplists.

You can also create formulas that add, subtract, divide, and multiply fields.

Data Entry

Data entry is easy with FilePad. Just use the Newton pen to enter records into FilePad.

Importing / Exporting Data

FilePad Link lets you import and export data between your computer and Newton. At the beginning of the day, transfer data from your computer to your newton. Then anytime during they day you can look up pertinent data. At the end of the day, transfer the data back to your computer. FilePad Synchronicity allows you to synchronize new data with a FileMaker Pro database on a Macintosh.

Graphing Data

Create graphs with FilePad's Graph View . FilePad provides three different graph types to choose from -- simple line, scatter, or combination.

TPS Bar Code Reader

Bar code scanning becomes mobile with FilePad. FilePad supports the TPS Bar Code Reader for the Newton.

LookUp Fields

FilePad's LookUp fields let you retrieve data from other databse cabinets.

Transmitting FilePad Cabinets

Print, fax, mail, or beam FilePad cabinets and data to others. Logo